3 Wks Sober Today

Wow, 3 weeks sober already today. Not really a celebration b/c I’m still pissed about it, but it’s at least a milestone. Did a bikehash over the weekend and had a few beers. Didn’t get drunk like I normally would have, but I had, oh let’s see…1 beer before the ride, then maybe three after and during circle, so I did good.

So, to recap, I’ve come from getting drunk EVERY NIGHT, to in the last 3 weeks only having a few beers on two separate occasions. First was at lunch at Beef’s my last off Friday, then second was the 4(?) this past Sunday at the bike hash. My liver better be goddamn thanking me, b/c this still sucks.

I hate it. There’s still enough fubar in me to hate being sober and not being able to drink anymore. The good thing is tho, I’m only mad at myself. I’m not mad at my wife for giving me an ultimatum, or the law for pulling me over or anything, it’s just me, my health. Fuck my health, I want to drink. No, you’re not allowed to anymore, you know that. Fuck you. No, fuck YOU.

So that’s where we’re at. 3 weeks in. Family’s going to go away at the end of March and visit my wife’s father out of town. I’ll be alone for a week. At least instead of “woohoo! Let’s drink!”, there’s a little bit of “y’know, you’ll be sober for 8wks by then, why screw it up” to temper it with.

We’ll see.


~ by sobriety6923 on February 24, 2010.

One Response to “3 Wks Sober Today”

  1. y’know…..you weren’t really sober right? just bc you’re not getting drunk when you drink you don’t get to claim sobriety. just sayin…..ya? well fuck YOU too!

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