This is a test…

it’s only a test, if there were really an emergency the tone you just heard…blah blah blah.

So, am going on a biz trip out of town.  All on my own, away from the fam.  Away from my wife, my compass.  Will I drink?  prolly.  Will I drink to get drunk?  I dunno.  If I can handle the weekends with the family I can handle being alone on a trip by myself right?  I dunno.

they’ve got meetings where I’m going right?  I should look some up.  Wed night and thurs night.  Why screw up 1 day short of 4 wks sober?  why do I care? I’ve been good for 4 wks almost, I deserve to get drunk right?  no dumbass.  you’re not allowed to ever get drunk again.  fuck you.  no, fuck YOU.    you know why you’re not allowed, why do you keep trying to rationalize?  cuzz that’s how i roll.

oh stfu.

you’ve got the tools at your disposal to stay sober while you’re away.  You’ve got people to call. You’ve got the resources to look up meetings.  You’ll have a gym to workout.  You’ve got no excuse.

my excuse is that I want to.  You’re not allowed. but I want to.  That is forbidden.

btw, anybody ever read Raymond E Feist’s “The Empire Trilogy”?  It’s the subsequent follow up to the Rift War. I highly recommend it.  Anyway, as part of the series, there’s this race of ant/bull/beetle intelligent folk called the Choja.  Whenever asked about something they can’t respond to their response was always “That is forbidden”.  That’s my tagline whenever I want to drink.  That is forbidden.


I should try to stay sober while on my trip.  I should try to stay sober while on my trip.  I should try to stay sober while on my trip.  I should….

~ by sobriety6923 on March 2, 2010.

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