21 97 12

Know what those numbers mean? Not a damn thing. Maybe.

I was born in 76, so in 1997 I was 21. 2+1+9+7 = 19

12 years later I’m 33 and I’ve been an alcoholic since turning 21 in 97 so; 9+7+1+2 = 19

What’s the significance of 19 you ask? Only everything if you’re a Dark Tower fan. Not so much if not. I’ll leave it to you to go research at your leisure the significance 19 plays in the Dark Tower universe. It’s not that I fancy myself a Gunslinger or anything or even a significant character in any grand scheme. It’s just that I’ve become obsessed with 19 and I look for it in every aspect of my life.

I set my alarm to 5:59 in the morning. I look at the time of day and subconsciously calculate if the time adds up to 19; I look at random numbers everywhere and look for it. I look at football scores to see if they add up.

The correlation I guess, is that 19 is such a significant player in the Dark Tower universe, and I’m such a DT geek, I’ve allowed a fictional universe to pervade my real existence. Is this the year I finally wake up from being an alcoholic? Is that what 19 means for me? Is this the year I die b/c of the alcohol? Is this the year the world ends? It’s all 19.

Stephen King was struck and almost killed by a minivan while walking the back roads of Maine near his lake cottage June 19 1999. He later wrote the incident and significance of the number into the DT series. Maybe we can all find 19 in our lives if we look. Maybe it’s just a completely random occurrence. Maybe it’s not.

Long days and pleasant nights constant traveler.



~ by sobriety6923 on March 11, 2010.

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