I Didn’t Drink

took a trip over the weekend with family and met up with other family.  Had a good time. Drug the kids all over the place, was totally out of my element.

I didn’t drink.

More family is visiting now that we’re back.  This family in the past, all we’ve done is sit around, hang out, and drink.

I’m not drinking.

Last night the wife left me to watch the two kiddos and manage the visiting family for most of the evening.  Said family has low tolerance for said kiddos, well, just kiddos in general.  Said family loves my kiddos of course, but stamina is low.  I managed it all fairly well.

I didn’t drink.

I’m not even keeping count any more how many days sober I  am.  I’m literally taking a step back from it and just trying not to drink today.  That’s it.  And really, that really is more my style.  I’m more of a 10,000 foot type guy any way than being a micro manager in any aspect of my life.  Just put some tools in place, tweak when necessary and let it play out.

I didn’t drink.


~ by sobriety6923 on April 13, 2010.

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