for those of you who are here and oh by the way just happen to be college football fans, I’ve included some links to my favorite blogs/sites/etc on the right of the page. I am a University of Florida grad, so of course I’m a huge Gator homer, but after that comes the SEC, and then I guess whatever pro teams that former Gators are now playing for that I’ve taken an interest in.  In general I don’t follow the pro’s much.

Right now is almost the absolute death of football for the next few months. There’s the NFL draft next week, then the long, hot, boring summer filled with non football sports.  How far away is August now till 2adays?  sigh.

anyway, I spose as this blog matures I’ll include more non alcohol related stuff.  It’s my blog, I can whuddevuh I want with it right?

here’s one of my favorite clips from the last few years.  Blocked kick to beat South Carolina in ’06(?).  Kept us in the lead for the SEC East, and we went on to beat Arkansas in the SECCG, then beat tOSU in the MNC.  Crowd noise is already at 11, then after the block it spikes to 19.  I wasn’t at the game, but I remember where I was.  My wife and I were home visiting my folks for the weekend who are not really big football fans.  The whole game I’m yelling and screaming, then for this part I went just as crazy in their living room as the crowd did in the stands.  they just don’t(didn’t) get it.

btw, this was Spurrier’s first visit back to the Swamp as an opposing coach and he almost pulled it out.  He had beaten us the previous year in Columbia at the first meeting overall with Meyer since his return to the college ranks, but this year we pulled it out and haven’t lost to him since. We won the game17-16 after the last second field goal block.


~ by sobriety6923 on April 16, 2010.

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