Dangerous Free Time

ahh, the whole day lays out before me.  It’s my off friday.  I work a 9/80 schedule where I work 4 9’s and an 8 one week, then 4 9’s the next, then every other friday is off.  It’s niiiiiiice.

just got the wife and kids out the door to work and school, then I have to take the dog to the groomer’s here in a bit, then any number of activities for the day greet me.  I could drink, and do them….

but meh.  I don’t have to.  The craving isn’t really there anymore.  There’s still a distant friend type of “hey haven’t seen you in awhile why don’t you come over” thing kind of going on, but I could take it or leave it.

thoughts of stopping by the store and having enough for a wicked buzz during the day that will be gone by the time my wife comes home pervade, but what’s the point?  I can feel good without it.  I don’t have to have it.  It’s really kind of childish and stupid to continue to want to be that way when I’m old enough to know better.  (still young enough not to care?  or just still stupid enough?)

meh, let’s take the dog to the groomers, then have breakfast out, or in, doesn’t matter, then we’ll have a nice sober day.


~ by sobriety6923 on April 23, 2010.

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