The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Took the Fam to Disney World last weekend.  They’ve got a FL resident deal going right now that’s $99 for 4 days and you just can’t beat it, then they’ve also got some discount going on their resorts too, to stay with them, which I highly recommend.  Just park at the resort hotel then use the Disney buses to go everywhere.

Anyway, we arrived last thurs night and chilled at the pool after getting settled, went to Magic Kingdom Fri, came back for nap friday afternoon, then returned to the park for the evening.  Saturday we got up late and got to the park around noon, then spent ALL DAY LONG with no break.  Sunday we got up real late and putzed around, went to Downtown Disney, then came home.

At the parks, it was stressful sure, but it was fun.  The kids acted like kids, and of course the heat, and the crowds, the lines, etc…but I was fine.  Not once did I have the “oh god I need a drink” feeling.  That said, Friday night back at the pool, I did have the “hey I’m on vacation” feeling so I had a couple drinks.  Saturday night, same thing, and it progressed to buying a pint of whiskey at the hotel store b/c the bar is so freakin expensive.  Sunday was Mother’s Day and we’re waking around DT Disney and it’s shopping which I hate and by this time I’m about tired of hemorrhaging money, even tho I’m having a good time, but it’s like “stop the bleeding”.  So I had a beer and a strawberry frozen margarita.  Sunday night back at home I did not drink.

The Good: I did not have the “oh god I need a drink” feeling walking around the parks

The Bad: I drank.  2 friday, 2 or more saturday, 2 in the middle of the day sunday

The Ugly: last night, Monday night, I had the “oh god I need a drink” feeling, but I didn’t.  This morning, getting the boy dressed and ready for the day, he’s cranky of course and whining for mommy and I had the “this is why people drink” thought.  I haven’t had that thought in a good ol long time.

So, is it just the progression of a couple drinks, a couple drinks, and then a couple drinks that the beast is awakened?  Or is it the stress of the weekend and still recovering, plus the drinks?  Or is it just the drinks?

I bet I know the answer, but I don’t want to know.  One of my favorite sayings is “The monkey on your back is only as big as you feed it”.  The more I drink, the bigger that monkey is.  The less I drink, the smaller the monkey and easier to manage.  But, a little here, and a little there, and apparently the monkey still grows?  WTF?  fuck it all and shit hill of fuck.  Still in that denial stage eh?  Anger too?  I keep bouncing all around those two.

So, back to real life now.  Back to work, back to the grind.  Had a great time over the weekend, don’t get me wrong, just cataloging my actions.  So, I mentioned the deal is 4 days for $99, and we did two last weekend.  Gonna do the other two my next off friday weekend in two weeks.  Soo we’ll be back at it all over again.  At least my daughter will be out of school by then.  OBTW, it’s her birthday today.  Where does the time go?  She was just born yesterday, and today she’s turning 6 and almost done with Kindergarten.

Time is the fire in which we all burn.


~ by sobriety6923 on May 11, 2010.

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