Oh The Horror

Been dealing with a cold since the weekend. Been taking Mucinex and for the most part it’s been ok besides just being really sick, like stayed home from my cushy desk job Monday sick. Started adding in Nyquil for at night. OMG, what a mistake. Ya the sleep is great, but the day after is the suk. I haven’t had chest pain or lower back pain like this since the last time I went on a bender.

So, of course, after the fact, I went and looked up drug interactions on www.drugs.com and low and behold, there’s an interaction warning with the antidepressant I’m on and Nyquil. Well no wonder I feel so poopy. Lower back pain, like my kidneys want to just jump out of my back (but I think the kids are actually up higher so just lower back pain for whatever reason), chest pain like I’ve been drinking like I used to but haven’t, and on top of it all still sick. Greeeeeaaaaaatt.

Maybe I’ll call the doc today and see just what OTC meds I’m allowed to take for colds nowadays since I’m on oh let’s see….1 acid reflux med, 2 HBP meds, 1 cholesterol med, and 1 antidepressant med. Look kiddies!!….live a life of reckless abandon and you too can have an 85 yr old’s medicine cabinet by the age of 33! Just eat and drink all you want in your 20’s, don’t exercise, then sit back and njoy!






~ by sobriety6923 on May 19, 2010.

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