6; 3; 10

6 yr old little girl this year (May)

3 yr old little boy this year (June)

10 yrs married this year (June)

it’s all 19 man.

oh by the way I’m 33 right now.  See 21 97 12 post.

WTF. it’s got to mean something.  Or am I just an obsessive freak?  that’s quite possible.  I just had this realization last night that ya, I’m married 10 years this year, and obtw, my son is 3 and my daughter is 6.  just another instance of 19.  So is it 19 because it is, or is it 19 b/c I’m making it that way?  kind of like people looking back through history and using past events to come up with a pattern and predicting future holocausts based on these supposed patterns. did phaoroh harden his heart against Moses and God’s demands for the Israelites’ freedom because he did, or did he harden it b/c he was supposed to?  (think freewill vs god’s plan)

19 is a naturally occurring number everywhere, and it’s just a coincidence right?  right?  RIGHT?  you just keep telling yourself that.  If you live to see 34, then we’ll know. You have a perfect opportunity to kill yourself here in a bit while your wife is away, starting next week.  Are you going to stay sober, go to meetings, and at least try?  Or are you going to make a beeline for the Likter store as soon as she gets on the road?

it’s your choice mang.  “Live or Die man!”…”DIE”….”wrong!, honnnnnkkk!” (think karate kid 2 final fight scene, sorry, couldn’t find a vid clip of it)

~ by sobriety6923 on June 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “6; 3; 10”

  1. your fight is not over yet. Hang in there.

    • Thanks. Y’know, a lot of times, it’s like “who’s drivin this bus anyway?” with a lot of the stuff that bounces around inside my head.

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