Baby Steps

this is something I posted on a forum board I’m a member of.  It’s basic intent is to demonstrate that you don’t have to conquer the world (ie, your addiction) in one day.  Rather, start small, find something that works for you and then keep at it.  Then one day you’ll arrive at a point where you look back and are simply amazed at how far you’ve come.

I spose a parallel can be drawn between what I’ve said below about riding, and what I’m going through with my alcohol addiction.  Alright, good pep talk, now go get em!


I rode 30 miles last Sunday. I rode 14 miles last night after work. On a mountain bike. In south florida heat and humidity. On road and in the shiggy (off road). Today, I feel fine. I don’t feel drained, I’m not in any great pain. Sure my legs are a little tired, but I could go ride again today and it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s kind of neat to think about.

I started seriously riding again a couple years ago when I decided to start trying to bike to work which also coincided with starting LC. I had my old bike from college so I got it out of the shed and knocked the dust and rust off, and fixed it up. I got myself a gym bag and all the stuff I would need for bringing my work clothes in and showering/changing/etc….Those first few rides of 3.5 miles in the morning then again home at night about did me in. But I kept at it. This was something I like to do combined with something I have to do anyway so let’s keep at it. I could barely walk around Walmart without my ankles screaming at me at the start of this.

I graduated from biking to work only every other day as my legs allowed at first, to the whole week as time and other sponstilities allowed. My endurance rose, my skills progressed, my weight dropped. I started riding on the weekends. I started finding local mountain bike trails and riding them, getting to know them, loving them. I couldn’t believe I had lived here all this time and not known about these trails right in my back yard so to speak.

I bought a brand new mountain bike. I didn’t go all out and drop a couple grand or anything, but it was definitely an upgrade from my old college beater. I bought gear to enable longer rides and night rides; a camelback, spare tire tubes, tools, helmet, lights, etc… I joined a local mtb riding group. My first ride with them I got flats on both tires and wrecked. Broke my arm. As soon as it healed up, I was back in the saddle. I ride with them all the time now. There’s other group rides around where I live that I’ve joined as well and enjoy doing. Riding solo has its own set of perks, but riding in a pack with people of the same interests and better skills than you is great too. It pushes you to get better just trying to keep up with them.

Now, riding to work is an afterthought. If I’m not pushing myself, I hardly even breathe hard. I’m square in the middle of the pack in the group rides. Not as fast as the blazers, or as good equipment, but I’m happy with where I’m at. If the ride’s not over 10 miles, don’t even bug me. Unless it’s all off road through some great shiggy I spose. I can walk around the store now fine. I can walk all day. I can walk around Disney World now without having to worry about whether my ankles are going to affect my kids having a good time.

The point of all this, I spose, is this: Look how far we’ve all come. Baby Steps. Pick something you’ll be able to stick with, start doing it , keep doing it. After awhile you’ll look back on where you came from and where you are now and you just may be amazed.


~ by sobriety6923 on June 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. Damn Bro, This is the BEST and most inspiring piece I’ve read from you. I’m gonna print this one–gotta have a hard copy– to paste up on the mirror so I can revisit for awhile.

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