Follow Up to Remembrance

so what is today?  wednesday?  ok, I’m feeling a lot better, but I still don’t feel right.  I’ve been sober a week’ish now and for the most part the SOB issues are gone, as are the chest/arm pains.  Fatigue is slowly fading away too.

So of course the first thought that passes my mind is “hey let’s have a drink!, we feel better!  we’re obviously able to!”  ummm, no.  nope, nada, nein!  I’m still driving, go back to your corner.  but the tempatation is.always.there. I don’t count the days, I find it too tasking.  I’m finding it better to attempt to have the right mindset everyday, rather than worrying about drinking.  Have the right mindset, and the sobriety shall follow.

be ever vigilant constant traveler ere the weariness of your plight afflicts you thus.  lest your resolve be lessened, yon apple will always appear for the plucking and produce the unpleasant knowledge you have miles to go before you sleep.

~ by sobriety6923 on July 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Follow Up to Remembrance”

  1. So you have miles to go before you sleep–so do we all! Anyone that has a goal, has miles to go before they reach it or sleep! The point here is that you’ve gone 8ish days so go 8 more!! One day at a time of course! Try to stay in the realm of the sucess and reason you NEED this so much! What’s it worth to you? Remember that!! Feel it!! Draw on your resources and supports when needed, that’s why they are involved remember! You can do this! Pep talk over! Now breath!

  2. Seems to me that counting the days puts excess emphasis on a part of life we’re trying to disassociate. How many days I haven’t drank makes me think of drinking. I know the day I stopped, it’s mark on a calendar. The emphasis for me now is just living in the moment. That works best for me.

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