I’ve been here before

You ever get déjà vu?  Like a feeling you’ve been somewhere and done something before?  For me they’re like half second flashes that I’ve been here, in this exact place, time, situation before, but it’s happening differently “this” time.  It’s always like before, but it happened differently, and badly.

This time, it’s being fixed, and whatever bad happened before is no longer happening.  I have had this feeling at moments all my life.

It’s almost like multi-verse theory.  You know…where there are an infinite number of universes like this one, only slightly different in some small way, that exist right at the edge of our reasoning?  Maybe the reason there’s an infinite number of them is because they are all instantly created by the infinite sum of all the choices every single living and nonliving thing does every day or is affected by.

Or, if you subscribe to a more temperate, less scientific school of thought, there’s the “It’s all according to God’s plan” vein.  idunno.

I had one last night sitting at the dinner table with my family.  I can’t even describe to you now what it was, except that something was said by my wife or daughter, and all of a sudden, it was “hey, I’ve been here before”.  I also have a strong feeling I’ve had one other within the past week, but can’t recall any details about it.  freaky deaky.

Now, wrap all this up with my theory about dying by friday, and who knows?  meh, it’s just all a fantasy cooked up by an idle mind.  placebo. I’m feeling great by the way.  so i got that goin for me.

To an extent, I’ve given up trying to understand certain things in the universe, either b/c they’re beyond my puny mind’s understanding, or beyond mankind’s understanding as a species at this point in space time.  Yes, I believe we’ll travel faster than the speed of light careening througout the galaxy. Someday.

~ by sobriety6923 on July 20, 2010.

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