A Carrot For You

Most of the stuff I post on here is just me bitching about not being able to drink, or realizations of how my drinking has/is having a negative effect on those around me I love and/or myself. Well hold on to your knickers Martha, we’re switchin gears!

Whooooaaaaa nelly!

I figured I’d try to post something uplifting this time. See’in as how I’m on a positive swing right now I’ll go ahead and try to accentuate the positive and roll wid it.

A Madonna quote may not be the best here, but I’ll go ahead and say it: I made it through the wilderness, Somehow I made it through, Didn’t know how lost I was
Until I found you

You being the other side of course – sobriety’ishness

You really don’t know how lost you are until you can see it from the other side, which is where I’m at right now. It truly is one of those things where unless you’ve been there before and can remember what it’s like, you really have no idea the glorious peace waiting for you. Not thinking about a drink every minute of every day. Not drinking 10oz of hard liquor EVERY.NIGHT. – if that little.

I used to read comic books a lot as a kid.  GI Joe, XMen, Conan, etc…one of my favorite quotes ever is from one of the Conan comics.  I’m pretty sure Conan is saying it to someone but I forget the context.  anyway, doesn’t matter.

Here it is:  What makes sense to a Cimmerian Barbarian seems like insane savagery to a Turanian prince.

Orrr: What makes sense to an Alcoholic seems like insane foolishness to a normal sober individual.

Orrr: what makes sense or is normal to me, is completely stupid ass insane to you.

Basically, you do something long enough it begins to become “normal” for you.  drinking 10+oz of liquor a night every night?  what’s the big deal?

Right now I’m enjoying:

No cravings
Clear headedness
No hangovers
No Alcohol shits
No depression, more level headedness (booze is a depressant you know. It’s amazing how much less suicidal I am now)
Like anything else in life, the more you do it the better you get at it. Holy crap, practice really does make perfect!
When you first start you will need help. People to call and talk to, a support group.
Not dreading the day, waiting until it’s socially or internally acceptable to start drinking. 10am? Hell ya, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Beer for Breakfast!

You can’t share time or love with kids AND alcohol. I’ve learned that. It’s what has kept me viewing my family as such a hindrance for all this time, b/c booze is my mistress, and she’s a mean, jealous bitch. Luckily I’m seeing my family for the blessing they are now.

People at meetings used to tell me “it gets better”. Back at the start of this I could not in any way fathom what they were talking about. Now I’m here and it’s amazing. Booze is like a tractor beam. The closer you are to it the harder it is to pull away, then the farther you get, the easier it is to stay there.

If you’re here and you’re hurting, believe me, it does get better. But be careful. Being sober is like walking a narrow mountainside path. Keep on the path and be wary of the obstacles and you’ll do fine. Start veering over to the edge tho, and it’s a straight drop n’roll down the mountain.

Here’s your carrot.


~ by sobriety6923 on August 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “A Carrot For You”

  1. hallelujah!

  2. Applause, Smiles, & Hugs!

  3. Thanks for your words! I just quit drinking 3 days ago- not my first time- but it is amazing how good and motivated I feel even after 3 days. Reading your blog may help me extend that to even longer than that. Thanks again for you insight and encouragement.

  4. Hi Elaine! thanks for stopping by and for the nice note. Best of luck to you! I’ve tried to document my journey from the beginning to now and put out there with brutal honesty all the stuff I’m going through in the hopes that others starting their journey may find this and empathize. hope you’re able to take away a lot of good from my experiences.

  5. […] to a Turanian prince”.  basically what makes sense to me seems idiotic to you.  (see: drinking 10+ ounces of likter every night).  so I’m sure somewhere in this guy’s head it made sense to buy a sports car as a […]

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