So I have an abdominal scan scheduled this morning. Last blood test showed an elevated marker that may indicate a liver problem. If you recall, I had a bender back in June which, after talking to my doc about the symptoms I had after(lethargy, nausea after eating, fatigue….which have gone away now thank god), she said it sounded like I had hepatitis (liver inflammation). Which, did you know that there’s different flavors of hepatitis? I always thought it was a permanent thing, like hepatitis C, but apparently you can have it and it’s just temporary if it’s not that bad. which btw in no way am I trying to minimize the seriousness of this. Anyway, the marker was only slightly elevated at the time of my last blood test, but it could have already been on the down slope from when the bender occurred and I felt like shit. So, best case today, the marker will be lower (I’m getting the scan and a blood test), and the ab scan will NOT show a fatty liver or any signs of cirrhosis. Fuck, please god, let it not be too late.

But the worst part about all this? 12 hrs of fasting. No liquids even, your insides need to be clear or it will make the picture fuzzy. I can handle not having breakfast this morning, but no coffee? C’mon! you’re killin me! Apt’s not till 10am. You bet your pretty little ass I’ll have a cup of jo waiting for me in the truck after.

Haven’t been drunk since July 1. Have had a few beers on occasion. That’s what sobriety is for me right now. Couple beers here and there, no hard stuff, and haven’t been drunk in a good long while. Will try not to break my arm patting myself on the back.


k, I’m back.  thank you god for coffee.  won’t know the results for awhile I guess.  I’ll give it a week and if they haven’t called me then I’ll call them.  My next follow up with my doc isn’t for a month, and I’m not waiting that long.  as an aside tho, was kind of funny the ab scan thing.  felt like I was pregnant and getting an ultrasound.  That’s what the setup was like anyway.  cart with a thingy the tech ran all over mah bellah, had me lay flat, then turn on my left side, then on my right.  At one point she says to me “so you’ve had your spleen out correct?”.  I spose she can tell since she’s taking pics of mah bellah, eh? For a moment I thought about messing with her but decided against.  yes, I’ve had my spleen out, bout 14 years ago, in a completely unrelated situation.

will post results later when I get them.  I haven’t prayed in awhile, but I may start again.  But that too, is a completely other situation.


~ by sobriety6923 on August 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “Trepidation”

  1. Praying for you bro. on this side of the pond.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you – you’re my inspiration on this hard road we travel. Hope all is OK.

  3. thanks guys.

  4. Keep me posted on the findings! It concerns me! Keep in mind there are cleanses out there that can help! Wow, have you heard that somewhere before?

  5. thank you for your writing and your honesty, julie

  6. hi julie, thanks for the comment. hope you’re able to benefit from my experiences.

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