Survey Says…..

….Fatty Liver.

well shit  and sam hill fuck.  not too surprising tho.  blood work came back normal tho, so the elevated liver marker from the previous a couple weeks ago was down at least.

got the call from the doc’s office to let me know about the liver results but it wasn’t anything like a panic or whatnot.  I know what I need to do: quit drinking.  And I have cut down significantly, but now apparently I can’t even have the occasional beer.

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.  I already have another appointment with my doc next month, but I’ll go ahead and call next week just to be sure.  I was already finally making changes b/c of the way I was feeling, but now it’s confirmed, the changes need to be permanent.

of course, the rationalizing part of me of course is now like, well, how long have I had a fatty liver?  I’ve lost 50lbs in the last couple years and have been drinking heavily for 12 so how long has it been like this and we just now did the test for it?

<expletive deleted>


~ by sobriety6923 on August 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Survey Says…..”

  1. In Aikido there is a saying, “Take the hit as a gift.” It can apply to martial arts, and also to life. You have been given a gift. You don’t have cirrhosis and you can most likely reverse the fatty liver. Your mind can rationalize, but your body is speaking to you too. The power is in you. All my best to you.

  2. At least the level was down. You know that reducing has reduced the level–simple cause and effect! Do a freakin’ liver cleanse man! You may not be into any holistic or nontraditional medical approaches but perhaps you should open your eyes to them! Don’t you have a local health food store or herb shop? Not GNC! What about vitamins? Do you take them? You know there are multivits out there that support the liver too! Have you ever taken Milk Thistle? It’s an herb that supports the liver, could even buy that at like Walmart! It’s been my experience in the past that traditional hospitilization/medical care has killed thoare closest to me unnecessarily! Sounds neurotic I know, don’t let it! This is your body, take care of it! Learn all you need to know to make it your temple!

  3. Glad to hear it’s not as bad as you thought it might be. You’re braver than me, ‘cos I don’t even dare go get checked. The not knowing is probably worse than knowing, tbh…

  4. Please stay away from that river in Egypt! It’s cunning,baffling and powerful. Much pointed at you from the other side of the pond.

  5. Should say…much “love” pointed at you from the other side of the pond.

  6. river in egypt? de nile? bwahahahahahaha! that’s a good one. hey what do you be after you be eight?

    thanks for the comments. I.will.beat.this. kind of sucks tho, I can’t use it as my coping mechanism anymore. had a situation over the weekend where I got upset and stressed and the first thing I thought of was having a drink. of course, 12 years of conditioning going on there. but I didn’t. and really, it was like…nah, you don’t need to, just calm down, besides you can’t.

    so there’s that.

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