I didn’t drink

I did not drink.

I didn’t drink.

(best yoda voice) Mmmhhmmm….drink not, did you

Went on a bikehash Sunday. One of the things they ask you when they put you in circle at the end of your virgin hash is “why did you cum?” to which the corresponding correct answer of course is “FOR THE BEER!”…..when I first discovered hashing, bike hashing in particular, I was like ZOMG, these are my people. Drinking and Biking? Hellz YA. For the newbies….I love mountain biking, and I spose I like drinking a little too.

I didn’t drink. I just had water, the sports drink I had made myself (non alcoholic of course), and then more water. I had a great time too. See, you can have fun without drinking! It was actually kind of fun just letting loose, watching the other folks drink and whatnot. And I didn’t even have to worry about a dui after.

For now anyway, I’m turning a corner. I am able to be around people drinking, and not have to have any, or even have to fight a craving. You can too.

Resistance is not futile people. There is hope. My health is better (hopefully), my relationship with my wife is getting better, my homelife with my family is better, my patience with my kids is better. EVERY THING IN MY LIFE IS BETTER AS A RESULT OF NOT DRINKING.

Why was that lesson so hard to learn? Oh, we know why. Cuzz that old man’s a real motherfucker. But, there is hope.

Keep at it folks. Keep sober.


~ by sobriety6923 on August 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “I didn’t drink”

  1. great post you encourage me.

  2. Well done! Yeah!

  3. Nicely done my friend.

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