Seems Like Forever….

It seems like forever ago I drank last. It’s only been 2 weeks. Two weeks since I last had 2 beers with lunch on my off Friday. They weren’t even that satisfying. July 1 was eon’s ago, since I was last drunk. It’s not even really a yearning feeling I have. It’s just an odd feeling. After drinking for so long, and only being a couple months into sobriety, it’s just an odd feeling.

I still get the “oh god I want a drink” feeling every once in awhile, but I’m able to get past it. I find myself planning my life around events I’ll do that I won’t be drinking at, rather than planning for events I will. Been on a few hash’es, have been able to not drink. The bike hashes especially, I’ve just enjoyed the ride, and watching other people get stupid. Drunk people find me funnier than sober people anyway. I enjoy being funny. I like making people laugh and bringing them joy. File me under “the funny one” in your list of friends. Amazing that sobriety is an instrument to accomplish that.

September is going to be a challenging month. Chock full of events that would have previously sent me running for the liquor store.

– Wife’s family reunion

– Road trip home to said reunion, complete with visiting my family too

– Bike Hash’es. Red Dress hash. (red dress is an annual thing and is really fun. Basically a glorified bar crawl on bicycles. Everybody dresses up in red dresses; men too). Got way mucho drunk at this last year. I think I’ll go sober this year and have fun watching everybody else get drunk. I’m thankful I can still be around these people to enjoy this activity and not have the need. Personal strength Yo. Get your head on straight.

– Start of Football season. In Years past I would go over to my buddy’s house here in town and watch the games while downing a 6 pack or 3. You know the type, old friend from high school, still single, has all the toys I can’t buy anymore b/c I have other things to spend money on (see: family). Used to be it was an escape for a few hours to go act stupid and get drunk while watching the Gators kick some ass. I’ll be doing it sober this year.

I’ll be doing <insert event here> sober this year.

It’s just an odd feeling.

But it’s good man, it is good.

~ by sobriety6923 on August 31, 2010.

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  1. YES!

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