I have received a challenge.

A friend has challenged me to only drink dos cerveza’s on Sunday’s Red Dress Hash. She in turn, is challenging herself to run 8 miles tomorrow in preparation for a Triathlon she will be entering occurring in 15 days. I was thinking more along the lines of 6 (ok to be honest, AT LEAST 6), but I didn’t have the cojones to say it to her directly. I spose I’ll get yelled at later b/c she’ll read this.

Still wrapping my head around it. Good thing is tho, she’s a tenacious little bugger. Which is what I need. It’s a goal to shoot for anyway.

I haven’t agreed to the challenge yet, but she has become my de facto Sponsor; whether she wants it or not. She was a little taken aback when I told her, but I think she’s already been a great sponsor to me without knowing it for a couple months now.

I’m not doing steps, and I don’t do chips, I take what’s out there and I tweak it to make it mine. I have at least agreed to call or text her during the hash Sunday. How sloppy I am will depend on how challenged I am.

~ by sobriety6923 on September 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Goal(z)”

  1. I will be doing my 8, have no fear! I tend to hold up my end of deals! Let me correct your published info. It’s not a triathlon that I am doing in 15 days. It is a half marathon relay, in which I am running 8 and my partner, 5.1! I am detailed!

  2. my most humble apologies for my indiscretion. y’know what I’m OCD,err, detailed about? the water cooler at work. srsly, poeple replace the damn cooler and don’t put the logo on the bottle facing straight and level forward. they leave it off axis, turned half way around from the displenser. WHAT KIND OF CRAZINESS IS THAT? I also have to check to make sure the bathroom is locked twice at work before gettin down. just sayin.

  3. Neurotic about somethings huh? Hopefully, you’ll be neurotic about ONLY 2!!

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