Irony has the best timing

The timing of the universe, god, karma, fate, irony, whatever you want to call it.

Last couple posts I’ve intro’d today’s Red Dress Hash.  I’ve had one dear friend taking me to task over it which I need, trust me.  She’s challenged me to drink only 2 drinks total today, and she did her 8 miles yesterday.  Damn she rocks.  Now it’s my turn.  well, I’ve already turned it into well I’ll just have 2 drinks per stop, and be weaselly about it.  but the thing is I’m only being weaselly to myself.  It won’t affect her if I drink tomorrow, I spose unless it shortens my life even more, so she can come to my funeral and spit on my grave b/c I’ll deserve it.  (in  a most loving way of course).

But, the coupe de gras (sp?; too lazy to look it up)  is this: I have another friend who JUST stumbled upon my blog and share her story about alcoholism in her family.  wow.  Call it fate, call it karma….(gold star for whomever figures out what movie that’s from – without looking it up)  She’s a dear friend also, whom I’ve never met in person, but I feel a real connection to.

Bonus – they’re both red heads.

The timing of her finding me prior to today’s hash is just spectacular tho.  People say god doesn’t speak to people anymore.  Sometimes I buy that, other times if I take the blinders off I it’s impossible not to see.  Message received: don’t drink today.

Whether I’m smart enough to act on it is another story.  Patience Willow; Courage Willow. (another gold star for whomever gets that reference without looking it up)


and now for the after….

didn’t do too bad actually.  I had 4 jello shots total.  drank water the rest of the time.  was kind of challenging, but I didn’t feel cravings or anything.  I did my 2 drinks with the first two jello shots at the first stop.  Then I went ahead and had 2 more jello shots at the end.  There were 5 stops total, and then the end of course, so plenty of opportunity to drink, but I did good (I think).  Thanks to everybody for their support.


update 2

holy shit.  I just realized what yesterday was.  9-19.  919. 19.  obviously a pivotal date in my recovery.  right?  RIGHT? 19. ka. kaka.  Pam, you’ll get that once you get more into the series.


~ by sobriety6923 on September 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “Irony has the best timing”

  1. I just read the post and took a deep breath of relief! I’m glad you’ve set YOUR goal! You’re right, if you drink today, it won’t effect me, other than to piss me off and truely quartion your personal commitment to the cause! My 8 miles yesterday didn’t do anything for you right? If effected me, not only the bit of soreness but the feeling of accomplishment to know that I achieved! I want that sense of accomplishment for you today! Stick to your goal and don’t look back! Do this for you and no one else! Best wishes and all the support in the world! Did I mention, redheads rock at so many things! Thanks to that other redhead for her involvement and encouragement!

  2. Dang, the red head is spot on I’m hearing her all the way from across the pond here in good ole U.S. of A.

  3. Ah, the power of redheads!! We’re sista’s now, truerojo!!

    Mr. Red Dress Hasher, I too feel that there’s a reason I stumbled upon your blog at this particular time. I’m just gonna roll with it, although somewhat begrudgingly. My entire life has revolved around people who drink too much (myself included at times) and the path of destruction they leave.

    So I have had conflicting emotions since last night. Do I want to read about your struggles? No. One alcoholic in my life is enough. It’s exhausting. Always being the cheerleader when attempts are made at recovery. Trying to understand the brain chemistry behind addiction. Trying not to take it personally when falls off the wagon and acts like an asshole. Getting excited that finally decided to quit only to be disappointed yet again when they break down and drink. IT HURTS and IT SUCKS and I wish I never had to deal with it ever again.

    But by the same token… I feel a connection to you as well. A kind of deep respect that is usually only bestowed upon someone you have known for years, only fostered after shared laughter and tears. But it’s there. And I’m sure there’s a reason for this connection. Only time will tell what it is.

    In the meantime… I have subscribed. I will read. I will learn. I have and will continue to pray for you. I will be thinking of you today and hoping you make good choices.

    I don’t know if it’s wise to subject yourself to so much temptation when your recovery process is so new and unrefined. But what the hell do I know? My first two alcoholics are in the ground. My current one is prolly looking at the clock wondering when it’s okay to drink on a Sunday without looking like an alcoholic. I’m 0/3 in this game.

    But let’s see what happens….. if nothing else, I have a new connection to a girl who runs (always my heroes b/c I’m only a wannabe) and a deeper connection to my Hasher friend…. and I’ll get a little smile on my face when I think of this blog and my new friends.

    Onward!! 🙂

  4. errrr, On On!

  5. Guess I better learn the language, huh? Pardon moi.
    Weird thing too, I put those triangle marks around my dad/brother/hubby’s reference in my post yesterday, and when it posted the entire area didn’t show up. wth? My sentence was a little off but I’m sure you got the drift.
    I’m glad yesterday went okay for you! 🙂 On On!

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