Milestonez (again)

But not mine this time. I was reminded rather awesomely yesterday of what a great life I have.

Case in point: my boss at work is single, divorced, no kids; and just had a birthday yesterday. He’s 7 years my senior and is another of those been single so long has all the toys types, but is completely alone. He’s got a girlfriend, but I guess she was busy last night. I was asking him what his plans were for his birthday, and he basically said he was gonna go home, eat junk food, watch some tv, then go to sleep.

How freaking sad.

His folks live here but are out of town right now, he’s watching their dog for them. He didn’t do anything with his girlfriend last night, AND he had a dentist apt yesterday. WHO THE HELL SCHEDULES A DENTIST APT ON THEIR BIRTHDAY? He also got a haircut last night.


Last night I got home and of course it was the usual craziness, BUT, it was freaking awesome. Case in point: I’ve been bugging my daughter for awhile now that I’d buy her a brand new bicycle if she’d let me take her training wheels off and she’d ride her bike without them. She’s still got the old beater Barbie bike we bought her a few years ago, her first one. I’ve had the training wheels adjusted for awhile now so that she doesn’t even need them and doesn’t use them while riding; they’re more of a security blanket. Well, last night she says to me “daddy can you take my training wheels off?”. Hell Yes I can take your training wheels off! (thinking, not saying).

One hiccup was she hadn’t figured out yet how to mount and get started really well, but I showed her the trick and she did it like a champ. Was riding up and down the sidewalk like a pro. I find myself guilty of paternal pride.

Guess who’s going bicycle shopping this weekend?


~ by sobriety6923 on September 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Milestonez (again)”

  1. GREAT!

  2. Well fabulous, you realized that you have something wonderful right under your nose! However, I have never gotten an update on what happened over the weekend concerning the hash and your goal not to drink! My fear is that it didn’t go well. Why do I have this fear? No response from you after several attempts to contact you! So what the hell happened! I’ve been recruited as a cheerleader and would like to know the plays in the game!! Please and thank you!

  3. the count was 4. 4 drinks total. I posted an update in the other post you can go read. could’ve been a lot worse. So, I failed at the 2.

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