Dad Life

off friday today. took the kids to school today to help out my wife, now lunch with my daughter at her school, later lunch with my wife. rode 16 miles yesterday, may try to fit in a ride before. off fridays used to be all about me.  chillin, doin whatever…now they’re about lunch with my daughter and chores. but chores now enable more quality family time later instead of just errands while dragging the kids along. an older version of myself would bitch about no me time. the new me however sees the bigger picture.

would’nt change a thing. except maybe winning the lotto of course.

dad life.

~ by sobriety6923 on September 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Dad Life”

  1. The new you is gonna have a better marriage, better kids, a better life. Absolutely. But your goal is a sober marriage, sober kids, a sober life.

    I’m probably the worst person to be reading your blog or leaving comments. I think I’ll unsubscribe. I’m way too attached to this issue – I take it personally.

    My dad was an AWESOME DAD. He was my mentor, my friend, my everything. All of those great memories are tainted by bad memories of his drinking. The smell of the whiskey. The worry that I took on as a little girl that he would burn the house down falling asleep drunk with a cigarette in his hand. The tinkling of the ice cubes in his glass. Watching the change come over him in the evenings as he became inebriated. Noticing how his eyes lit up when my then-boyfriend said “I can make a mean Manhattan” and they were instantly drinking buddies and excluded me.

    Shall I continue? And I haven’t even mentioned how my brother totally f*cked his life up, lost a great job, lost a great woman, lost his life to booze. I won’t write the eight pages I would need to write to even begin to paint the picture of his life. And how it ended with him urine-soaked on the floor in my arms while I screamed at my husband to call 911. I had to feed that man his last meal. Puree of something….

    Yeah, I don’t think you’re gonna like my comments. I’m too harsh, too bitchy. I want to scream at you…. DON’T EVER DRINK AGAIN. Your day sounds great… it’s awesome that you’re spending time with your wife and your daughter. It’s awesome that you want more “quality” time with your family. It’s awesome that you only had two drinks at your hash. You are moving in the right direction.

    But there’s a complacency in your posts… it’s the new you. Everything is better now. I’ve got a handle on this, I wouldn’t change a thing.


    Sorry I turned into a bitch on your post. I will unsubscribe and unfriend you if you’d like. Or if you delete me, I understand. I know you were just making an innocent blog post and I went off on you. I’ve just seen it before. I’ve lived it. I’ve buried it.

    I’m just trying to save your wife and kids the same fate.

    • mare – pls stick around. I WANT this kind of feedback, and frankly, it sounds like you would do good to let the poison out. you are always welcome to speak or scream your mind.

  2. Jeez, I guess I need counseling or something. I sound so angry, so unsympathetic. I’m sorry. I just think the world of you… I think your wife must be something special too, and your kids. Your family’s happiness depends on you. 🙂

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