History of the World Part I

….Nah, let’s just do a history of drinking. Mine to be specific.

I remember my first time getting drunk the way I remember my first time having sex. Just one of THOSE memories, you know? We were living in Germany at the time, my mom and dad had jobs on Ramstein Air Force Base and we lived off base in a town called Hutchenhausen. The marker is about’ish the house we rented and lived in.

It was really a nice little town looking back on it and I’m grateful for the experience and wouldn’t change a thing, even tho at the time I would’ve rather lived on base.

I became friends with a Canadian kid in town whose parents also worked on base. His parents were going out of town and he was going to be alone so I spent the night and we raided his dad’s liquor cabinet. Ow, ow, ouch, ow.OW. Lowenbrau, schnapps, and Doritos is pretty much all I remember from that night. TMI in 3, 2, 1….And puking, lot’s of puking. And shitting. At one point I woke up from being passed out to puke, then had to shit, and had to runstagger upstairs to the bathroom from the basement. Apparently I had trouble finishing as he informed me later he had to clean shit off the walls the next day before his parents got back. I was 15 or 16’ish?

By 16, 17’ish I was back in the states after my parents divorced, living with my mom and got a job at Pizza Hut. Also met some kids in town through Highschool and whatnot. Next big pass out drunk I can recall is New Years prolly 93’ish. Friend of mine’s family had a few acres out in the woods with a pond and campsite. Bunch of us got together to camp and hang out for new year’s eve. I got somebody from work to buy me some booze. Me.Drunk.Fireworks. I was so drunk they left me after they thought I had passed out to go hang out a ways away from camp, of course I woke up and came to find them. They were all huddled in one their vehicles, an old Jimmy if I remember right and here I come, staggering up and plaster my face on the back window “HEY GUYS, IT’S ALMOST NEW YEARS!!!” then promptly fell over backwards drunk; they had fun trying to pick me up. Good friends that they were tho, they did. Had to go to work the next day at Pizza Hut. One of the worst hangovers.EVAR. not to mention the infamous “TAKE COVER!!!!” b/c I was playing with fireworks and the fire by myself drunk while everyone else slept. Lucky I didn’t blow myself or anyone else up that night.

then there was the gatlinburg TN new years trip with same bunch of friends. a year or two after. drunk again.  stupid shit.  hurtful shit.  that’s all I have to say about that.  still can’t listen to that fucking gloria estefan song that was playing when it happened. fahck.

Fast forward to college, fall of 97, Gator Growl. It’s a student run pep rally the night before the homecoming football game. Same group of friends, 4 of us are roommates. Some deletions and additions, had some other friends in town to visit. Got so drunk one of them almost had to deck me. <man, this is kind of painful reliving these memories, why I am doing this?> cussed out my then girlfriend, now my wife, in front of all my friends. She broke up with me. One of the worst hangovers.EVAR. Obviously I was able to persuade her back. But why did she come back? I don’t know.

Ooh, hey what about all the drunken fights with my girlfriend/fiancé/wife while we were/are living together? Remember the one in the hottub in the TX apts arguing about whether her sister would pay us back for helping with a Christmas gift for her nephew? Ooooh, or how about the one where she came after me with a bat I made her so mad? <fuck, fuck , fuck. But it’s your story man, so keep telling it>

Fast forward some more to all the drunken fights I’ve had in front of my daughter. <no, I’m not going there. Not ever again.>

Not a very pretty history. Or sure you could call it pretty. Pretty ugly. These are just SOME of the drunken mishaps I can recall off the top of my head over the past years. So it turns out I’ve prolly been an alkie for much more than 12 years. Let’s say 91 was the Canadian kid incident. Hey, that makes 19 years till now. Ka. Kaka.

By the grace of god, no dui’s and no arrests for any domestic disturbance. Had the lady in the downstairs apt call once in the middle of the night tho to see if my wife was alright b/c of the racket we were making. <fuck and sam hill shit>

As much as this hurts to relive these memories, I’m sure they pale in comparison to all the hurt I’ve caused my wife, my kids, my friends. And I’m penitent. When I think about it, I begin to understand how I’ve made my wife such a hard woman over the years.

Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Here’s hoping I’m finally beginning to learn. Meanwhile, that’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight, choosing my confessions.


~ by sobriety6923 on September 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “History of the World Part I”

  1. You never drank around me! It was there, I remember–Spring Break and Prom in the condos.I know it was there because I sipped Malibu and Pineapple juice. Why didn’t you drink then? Just wondering!

  2. you know I don’t know why. maybe the new year’s stuff was after your prom. It is entirely possible I have the timeline not completely accurate to a high level of fidelity.

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