Teaching and Learning Opportunities

Was sitting in bible class at church this past Sunday morning. Wife and I are in one class, and the kids are in their own, respectively. We’ve got a good group in our class. Nice mix of age and demographics. We’re all fairly comfortable with each other and that leads to some really good discussions on the lesson and at times, other tangents.

Bible class used to be what I like most about church. But even that was grudgingly at first. In general I have not ever liked going to church, but I’ve been able to change that lately. Getting sobery has been part of it. Now, to be sure, it’s not all as rosy as it sounds. I’ve graduated from not going at all, to going, but sitting in the car after class during service, to going home after class, to now going to class, enjoying it, and being able to enjoy service b/c I’m helping out with the a/v stuff. I’m not just a sheep that can sit there and sing n pray and be all glossy eyed feed me whatever. I have to be part of the service to enjoy it. That’s my contribution. And I still don’t have answers to all my questions. But my strategy is this: osmosis. The more I’m around it, the more it will (hopefully) wear off on me. I want there to be a god and jesus, and I want it all to be real, but I still can’t reconcile science and faith.

Anywayz….part of our discussion this past week was about raising kids. The discussion touched on not controlling them with an iron fist, rather letting them learn and choose; and they’ll learn to control themselves with your guidance. And really, that follows my general philosophy anyway: give em the instruction manual, give em a brief overview, then let em figure it out themselves. And ALWAYS be there for ANY question.

Well, it got me to thinking. Here lately, I’ve noticed a lot more teaching opportunities with my kids. Like ooh look at that, that’s what that is, and this is why. Or my kids come to me with questions and I’m able to explain stuff in a way they understand. Stuff like that. But it made me realize…I’m learning as much from them as I’m teaching. It’s not like I’m seeing the world through their unbiased non-cynical eyes, but it’s close. I’m still learning how to enjoy my family and not see them as a burden b/c I’m finally mostly free from that mean old m’fer.

All it takes is one bad trip back tho. Always have to remember that.

But we had a great weekend. Actually took time to do stuff with them that wasn’t just errands. Took em on nature walks at a nearby preserve that has a nice boardwalk through the woods that runs along a small creek for awhile. There’s a place to stop and feed turtles and they loved it. Went to the store and bought bread specifically for it. Also, since it’s south florida, and it’s still hot, gave them one of my old camelbak’s to wear and drink from. First my daughter, then my son they did it like champs. Also wore mine and brought along snacks so we could just sit and chill after we fed the turtles. It.was.great.

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.
Every day is an opportunity to teach something new.
Every day is an opportunity to enjoy life sober.


~ by sobriety6923 on September 28, 2010.

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