i so want a drink

at least i know i don’t NEED one. just a beer or two and a shot then a couple tequila sunrises then a whiskey rocks and some raspberry smirnoff. then maybe some nice icy jaeger then a jack n coke. few more beers and then i think i might could be done. for a little while anyway. then would come the hangover and the shits and the chest pains and the shortness of breath. and the cravings would come back like a motherfucker. who the fuck cares lets just do it. no dumbass. not even a couple beers? no. dumbass. do you not see what you just did? two beers and then the fucking floodgates opened. you didn’t just see that? sit the fuck down shut the fuck up and just sit there looking pretty. that’s what you’re good at.


~ by sobriety6923 on October 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “i so want a drink”

  1. “Hush Little Baby
    Don’t say a word
    And never mind that noise you heard
    It’s just the beast under your bed
    In your closet, in your head……”

  2. WE’RE OFF TO NEVER NEVER LA-AND!!!! +1 to you for the Metallica quote. Rock On. mo met-ll. ALCOHOLICCA

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