Something to live for

had a decent day yesterday, but then in the afternoon all of a sudden it started nosediving.  for no apparent reason.  tre bizarre.

bad thoughts man.  was in a pretty bad mood, low place.  ended up meeting the fam at Sams Club after work to take the kids home so my wife could go to a PTO meeting at school.  Walking in the door, they’re already sitting at the eating area waiting for me.  as soon as I walk in, both kids start sprinting towards me screaming daddy!!!.  It’s like a good 50 ft from where they’re at to where I’m at.

best feeling in the world having your kids scream your name like that and bullrush you to give you hugs.  then to top it all off my daughter got her first ever 100% on a spelling test. RED LETTER DAY.

improved my mood a little. sry, got something in my eye. sniff.


~ by sobriety6923 on October 19, 2010.

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