Something to Look Forward To

First, go read this shit: Nothing to Look Forward To

Man, was I a stupid useless bastard wallowing in my self pity.  I am so so glad I am better now than that.

I have so much to look forward to now that I’ve semi-quasi escaped from that.  of course it’s always waiting there patiently for me to come back to it.

I’m looking forward to a lot of things now I wasn’t before.  All the stuff with the kids growing up and growing old with my wife?  yes please.

But, what’s got me giddy as a schoolboy right now is I’m going to Santos.

Santos is outside Ocala FL and has a campground and miles and miles of hiking, biking, and horse trails.  Some of the best trails in FL are here.  the link above includes some custom maps done by the Ocala Mountain Biking Association (OMBA). yellow is easiest, blue is intermediate and red is the hardest.  You’ll need to zoom in all the way to the upper right to see the crux of the trails.  From what I hear, the Vortex area is the gnarliest.  I’ll be spectating that area. I’ll most likely stay squarely in the blue, but we’ll see how adventurous I get.

I’ve been meaning to go for awhile now.  I love riding.  I try to ride whenever I can but frequently make excuses for not unfortunately.  Well, a few folks I ride with are planning a trip and I decided to go.  What , me plan?  omg cover your head the sky must be falling.  2 wks from now I’ll be camping and riding.  boo.freakin.yah.

and who knows, maybe later when the kids get old enough to enjoy that kind of riding it’ll become a regular thing taking the whole fam up.  Me and the boy will go ride, while the girls go hit the shops or something.  Of course, it’d be great if the whole fam would go ride, but my wife just isn’t that in to it, and my daughter likes riding, but I don’t see her doing that kind of riding.  who knows.

but ya, I have turned around.  I don’t even need to bring liquor with.  I just wanna ride man.

~ by sobriety6923 on October 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Something to Look Forward To”

  1. I love your enthusiasm.

    You might want to have a peek at my blog and check out an entry titled The Mosquito Bite.

    It’s an excerpt from my memoir (all of my entries are) and I think you might enjoy it – and relate to it.



  2. From one rider to another, eventhough I ride the road,enjoy the ride! Hell, take the family, let them camp while you ride! The fall weather is awesome right now! Roast marshmellows, tell ghost stories, cuddle around the campfire…could be fun!

  3. @neft – good stuff. how are you doing now? I haven’t taken the time yet to read through your whole blog, and they seem to all be memoirs from the past. How are you NOW? hope you’re doing great.

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