Dos Cervesas Por Favor

Nah, not really.

Uno – Me: What is God to You? My Wife: God to me is the hope of things unseen

a. Me: that is the most elegantly simple statement I may have ever heard. +1 for my wife. At first it’s like wtf does that mean? but then you start thinking about it and the simple elegance of the statement is striking. It’s the hope that there is a point to all this suffering and toil, that someday we’ll see our loved ones again and always be with them. Someday there will be no more heartache or pain and we’ll all be endlessly happy. we just can’t see it now and have to have faith in it. the hope of things unseen.

Dos – God’s Plan For Us

b. Another great input I had from the “what is god to you” discussion was from a friend who didn’t state this explicitly, but I got there from what she said. The point is this: God has a plan for us all. However, we don’t always or are not always able to follow that plan. God doesn’t want bad things to happen to us, but doesn’t implicitly stop them from happening(?), especially when the bad things are of our own doing. Wrap your head around that one. Your <insert loved one here> wasn’t supposed to die in that way or have <insert event here> happen to them, but it did. Why did it happen? Whotf knows. It could be they made a life time of bad choices and died too early (see: drinking all the time); maybe they got sick and it just ate away at them but it was no result of any action or inaction they themselves took. It just happened. I can easily see the making bad choices and not following the plan part; it’s harder to see the “got sick and died” part, or “was in a wreck and died” part. I spose the wreck part could be a result of another person’s bad choices; or their own, or whatever; so I can see that. But the getting sick? Man, that’s harder. Live your life right, eat well, exercise regularly, get cancer or alzheimer’s and that’s all she wrote. I don’t see that. I have to accept that God’s plan for my <insert loved one here> was to get sick and die from <insert disease here>? Whiskey.Tango.Foxtrot.

i. Still tho, you have to be open to hearing and following the plan? Be open to giving it over to god (step 2 yo) and letting he/she/it guide you? Pray everyday just for guidance to do he/she/it’s will? Hmmmm. Idk. That’s a hard pill to swallow that I don’t have control of my own life.

c. And another still tho, I may have had an awakening. It’s not that God wants bad things to happen. It’s that he/she/it has a plan for good things in your life but you don’t always follow it. I can dig that(?).

One Tequila Two Tequila Three Tequila Floor! Mas Tequila!


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