Great Weekend

Went riding and camping with some friends over the weekend. Had a blast. It was my vacation. Going to Disney? Seeing family? Taking a cruise? Meh. Hitting the trails and camping? Oh hell yes. Note that the weekend was about riding with friends. Not drinking, tho that occurred too. But the weekend wasn’t about that. I don’t know if you believe me; I’ve lost your trust and I grieve that. But it is what it is at this point.

Drove up Friday, and got 7 miles in Friday afternoon, then Saturday most of the group was going to do the “epic” ride which is about 21 out and 21 back. I tagged along and bailed out around the 20’ish mark, but still had to bike back and ended up with about 34 on the day. I was wiped. Then did another 7 Sunday morning on some trails closer to the campground that ended up being way out of my league. After that I trudged on over to some more manageable trails and had a blast. Still ended up getting too froggy and did an endo that broke off one of my horns on my handle bar. I’ve got these handle bar extensions that look like horns and they give extra leverage and grip for when you’re really cranking. Great time tho. Mucho sore today but I’ll take it anytime.

I did drink. Had a couple drinks at dinner Friday night, then with dinner sat night, and around the campfire after dinner sat night. I feel like I’m justifying it by putting it down, but I did, so I’ll record it. There was some concern that this was just going to be an elongated hash ride with drinking and biking, or an interbash where there was more drinking that riding, but this really was more about the ride and exploring the trails. I will definitely be going back. Riding the Santos trails took me back in such a nostalgic way to the riding I did in the forests in Germany, and the little bit of riding I did in Gainesville out at the power lines. Just freakin A great man.

So now back to real life. But I’ve got the memories and something to look forward to in going again someday. I get to go tell the rapist today about my weekend. She said I was stupid to go do it, but I did anyway. I don’t know if I’m just not the run of the mill drunk that I can moderate if I put my mind to it, or what, but I had a few drinks, and I did fine, and now I’m back at the grind. But, I’m also coming off the high of the weekend and haven’t had the grind beat me back down yet.

I’m thinking instead of going to rehab I may just try to start going to meetings more. They keep me in check. I’m thinking of dropping the rapist too for awhile. $25 a pop just to rehash the same shit is getting old. Meetings just work better into the schedule and budget right now. We’ll see.

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Santos Epic

I-75 Land Bridge

My Steed


~ by sobriety6923 on November 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Great Weekend”

  1. I don’t drink any more..pretty new to this sobriety bullsh!t but I am starting to like it. You know..Wednesday morning I was sitting at my desk and I get this email from a friend..I open it..he was telling me that he just got word that another friend of ours had died. This guy woulda been 53 on 11/17. Wtf..No details yet Cin..will let you know when I found out. This guy that died has had issues with alcoholism for years..quite a struggle for him. Hell he even checked into rehab a few yrs back. I just figured car wreck. 1st thing that popped into my head..He had called me 6 to 8 months ago. We worked at the same place. He worked for 20 yrs and then just quit. Anyway after a few minutes of talking to him I realized it was a drink and dial. He was all sad. Missed his wife (was married for many years..she finally got sick of him and they divorced) and kids. Moved in with this other lady he had met and she kicked his drunken ass out after a year. He really struggled. I talked to him for a good 40 minutes. Let’s flash forward to Friday morning. That is when I got word of how he died..wanna know how? ALONE CHOKING ON HIS OWN VOMIT!!!!!! WTF! You read about people doing that ..Classy way to die don’t ya think????? Long story short…I have been sober since August. I did drink off and on for the 1st 2 weeks in October. Then just quit. I don’t f@ck with it any more. I have a few more stories but this is the most recent casualty to alcohol. I cry. I get angry. Now I am stuck in anger but this time it is a good thing to hold on to. Keeps me from EVER wanting to drink again. BUT I like your style of writing. And everyone struggles. Just thought I would share that with you. AND QUIT..You are not old enough to get the liver scare. Once that goes you can kiss your @ss goodbye. Hang in there…Cindy

  2. hey cin, thanks for the comment. great input. sry about your friend. I’ve been to mtgs and heard stories like that. it’s enough to scare me for a little while, but then I distance myself from it enough that the impact is gone. feel free to share your stories anytime. good luck with your journey.

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