what’s the plan man?

got laid off today.  luckily, I don’t feel like drinking.  still kind of in shock.  just digesting.  gonna take today to just chill and deal with it tomorrow.

k, so god, if you’re there, what’s the plan now, hmm?  god’s plan and all that.

kind of funny tho….ON THE WAY HOME FROM my now ex employer I got a call from a company I applied to a few weeks ago for a phone interview later this week.

god sending a sign it’ll be alright?  have faith yo.  it’s all you’ve got right now.  well, that and 8 wks severance.

also, wife and kids are home today b/c my daughter is sick.  kind of interesting to ponder whether I’d be drinking right now if they were at work and school while I was home dealing with this by myself.  kind of softens the landing.  so thanks for that god, if that’s what the plan was/is.


~ by sobriety6923 on November 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “what’s the plan man?”

  1. You keep writing, I keep reading.

  2. Holy pink slip, Batman. That really bites.
    Thank goodness you got that phone call. That’s some spooky timing. It must be a sign. A good sign!!
    Challenge yourself to stay sober during this challenge.

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