Laid Off Tag Zwei

Heute is Veteran’s Tag.  Danke Schein zu die Veterans.

anyway, had to get my Deutsch on their fur eine minuten.  Today is veteran’s day so the family is home.  took the girl to the doc to check on her arm, then lunch, now back home for the boy’s nap and some study time before my phone interview with company number 1.  Already have another phone interview set up for next tuesday with another company.  These both were things I was working before I got laid off anyway, so it’s not like they just appeared out of nowhere, but still, it’s nice and reassuring that I got laid off 2 days ago, and already have 2 interviews lined up.  fuck those motherfuckers if they didn’t want me.

still adjusting to all this free time.  making plans for doc apts and other everyday things and I still have to stop myself from thinking I don’t have to worry about getting off of work to take care of them.

So why do you want to work here? well, the job description fits my skill set, I have the experience neccessary and I have a desire to work at a company with your reputation in this industry.  I’m also interested in the physical location of this job.  The outdoor activities in the area are very attractive.

What are your strengths? I’m an excellent verbal and written communicator, I love analyzing problems and solving puzzles, I have good organizational skills, and I’m a team player that can handle multiple coinciding tasks.

What are your weaknesses? Well, quite often I hesitate to ask for help to a problem when the solution may be readily available.  I would rather figure it out myself, even if it would take more time and effort, so I’m working on asking for help better if I’m unable to find a solution after a reasonable amount of time.

Why should we hire you? I have skills related to the position, the experience, and the desire to do well in the position.

Tell us about your goals. In the short term, my goal is to contribute well in the position I’m in, while in the long term my goal is to be adding to my skills while taking on more responsibilities and continue to grow my contributions to the company.

Tell us about a time you had to make a difficult decision. Oh I suppose I’ve been faced with several difficult decisions over the course of my career.  All of them, however, have boiled down to how best to solve problem and achieve the desired outcome.  If the problem was technical and out of range of my skills, then I would take it as far as I could and then consult a more experienced engineer.  If it was a communication problem, then I had to make sure both parties understood explicitly what the requirements were to solve the problem.  Other times, it seems like you just need to let the problem marinate for a little while, let it set in and think on it good and hard before taking any action to fix, or even to consult someone to fix it.  Ultimately, several solutions may need to be weighed for the problem, and they may all have different weights based on constraints of the project.  The best solution should be chosen based on the timeliest, cheapest, and most quality result from those constraints.


~ by sobriety6923 on November 11, 2010.

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