Shout Out for a new fav blog

A while back another blogger posted a comment in one of my posts recommending I check out one of her posts on her blog.  Man, it was spot on.  And the rest of her posts are too.  They’re like looking into a possible future I would have to experience, except I’m a guy, and she’s a chica.  spitfire at that too. Check it out.

Neftwinks Blog – Mosquitoe Bite


I also added her link to the right of the page.  the one above takes you to the specific post she mentioned.


~ by sobriety6923 on November 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Shout Out for a new fav blog”

  1. Hi! 🙂

  2. hey you, have been following you ever since you stopped by one day and recommended your mosquito bite post. so, so true. best of luck to you with getting published. I love your writing and from one drunk to another, it’s amazing how common all our experiences are or would be.

  3. You know, even as a little girl I knew I wasn’t the most important thing in my parent’s lives. You instinctively know it in your soul, that there’s something in their lives that takes precedence. It leaves you wanting. It leaves you always trying to usurp whatever it is that is so enticing to your loved ones. But it never happens. Never.

    I appreciate both of your blogs. I just sat here reading some of Neft’s. I’ve read all of Sobriety’s. I’m glad you have each other. You’re both talented writers, so insightful and at times brilliant.

    But as I sit here reading, the little girl in me is screaming “what about the kids?” “WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS??”

    It’s a beautiful day in Michigan. The sun is shining, it’s warm. And instead of being outside enjoying it, I’m sitting in front of my computer with tears streaming down my face. Tears for my lost childhood. Tears for your kids’ lost childhoods. Tears for you both. So many tears.

    I am going to unsubscribe now. It’s too painful.
    I just subscribed to Neft’s, and I’m going to turn right around and quickly unsubscribe. Unsubscribing to Sobriety’s. I wish everyone the best.

    I don’t know why I feel compelled to say goodbye.
    It’s the little girl in my soul who could never compete with the allure of alcohol finally saying “I don’t give a shit if I don’t match up. I’m all grown up now. Fuck all of you alcoholics!! Who needs ya?? You don’t need people like me, the little kids, the sober people, the enablers.”

    I’ve sugar-coated the disregard the alcoholics in my life have for me. The total, unwavering disregard for my BEING. For my life. Sugar-coating it helped me cope. Until I read these blogs. There’s no sugar-coating it anymore. It’s a total, unwavering disregard, not borne out of animosity, but borne out of addiction. Now I get it. I get it. And it hurts like hell.

    I hope you get and stay sober. I can’t imagine the mosquito bite. Life is hard enough without addiction thrown in.

    I’m going to go outside now. Take my puppy for a walk in the sun. I can’t wait for my kids to get home from school. I can’t wait to make them feel like they matter more than anything else in the whole world.

  4. mare, so sorry this is causing such pain for you. I understand your decision. best wishes kiddo.

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