Laid Off day 3

I’m getting to feeling a little like Jason Bourne in the 2nd(?) movie.  he’s in indonesia somewhere having the dreams, and he’s writing them down in his journal.  his girlfriend is helping him when he doesn’t feel like it.  except it’s just me, and I’m my own girlfriend I guess.

dog woke me up at 4am this morning barking at something in the yard, couldn’t get back to sleep.  now it’s 5am and i’m about ready to go lay down but I figured I’d do this first.  so what’s the first thing I did when i woke up kids?  who can guess?  yup, checked email.

and lo and behold guess what was waiting for me……an invitation to go to Aurora CO (Denver) to interview with Raytheon.   on what date???  you guessed again, man you’re good….friday the 19th.  well guess what we already have planned that day?  going to my sister in law’s for an early thanksgiving that weekend.

so now this presents an interesting quandary.

– i go and we cancel our weekend

– i go and fly from here but return closer to SIL’s house and they pick me up

– i try to reschedule with Raytheon.  Am I in a position to reschedule?  I don’t know.  maybe I can move it up earlier, or push it back, but if pushed back it’ll be after thanksgiving most likely and even if everything went great, the interview and offer process could take well past my severance, plus I don’t know if I feel I’m in a good enough position being laid off that I can leverage a different date; even tho they don’t know I’m laid off.  I’ll just have to contact them i guess.  funny part too – i get the email for an HR rep, and it starts out with “I was so happy to speak with you today”.  ya, no, we haven’t talked today, you’ve just made a copy/paste error, but that’s ok,  I need a job so I’ll forgive you.

whatever. still haven’t had a drink since last weekend.  yay. fucking. me.  wanted one real bad last night, but was able to work through it, and when I say one I of course mean 1000.  1’s too many, and a thousand’s not enough.

5:07am.  think I’ll go lay down now and close my eyes for bit.  try to find my happy place.

tah tah for now constant reader (ya I totally ripped that off from Stephen King, so what, he’s fucking awesome.  and did you know he’s a recovering addict?)


~ by sobriety6923 on November 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Laid Off day 3”

  1. go to the interview. The family must understand. I personally wouldn’t feel I was in a place to ask for another date. I went to my final interview with a migraine (a real one, not just some “big headache”) and the remnants of a cold that left me practically voiceless, while 7 mos. pregnant for the job I have now. The career I have now. Somehow, though all that, I managed to land the job. Highly competative field. God said, “how bad do you want this?” that day. I answered in the affirmative.

  2. well….I would have, but I guess it was a cattle call. they went ahead and passed on rescheduling, but I’ve got a few other things I’m working too. fuck em if they don’t want me. and obtw….PLUS 100 to you for scoring the job with all that going on Becky. wtg.

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