There’s 3 of me.

Holy Shit, I’m a fucking holy trinity.  well, maybe not holy.

there’s fucked up me, always wanting to drink, always thinking about how fucked up everything is, not giving a shit about anything, etc, etc,…..

then there’s sober/trying to be sober me.  at least trying to do the right thing, sometimes succeeding, sometimes letting fucked up me take the reins.  trying to give a shit about life, death, being a good husband and father.

then there’s narrator me.  just sitting there watching it all with a calm impassiveness.  neither caring nor acting, simply watching. and guiding the writing here.

father ,meet fucked up me.

son, meet sober/trying to be sober me.

holy ghost, meet the fucking narrator.

how yoos guys doin? fuhgettaboudit!  I don’t really think I have multiple personalities, however, my mood and actions are definitely influenced by whomever is driving in which situation I’m in.

so at least I got that goin for me, which is nice.


~ by sobriety6923 on November 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “There’s 3 of me.”

  1. There’s probably more than that!


    I think that holds true for everyone…



  2. I missed a few of your recent posts, I’ll try to catch them up.

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