First Night

first off….thank you god we made it here safe and sound, and thank you god for my family.  I can’t imagine having to do this by myself without them; even tho by the end of the day I was pretty grumpy.  but, c’est la vie.

we’re here, pretty much unpacked, and have gone shopping for all the little move in necessities.  I am so tired of hemorrhaging money. zOMFG, I checked my bank account today, glad I did.  Had to transfer lotsa money from savings to checking.  just a bunch of stuff lately. work on the truck before making the trip, warm clothes for everybody coming up here, check to a handyman to fix a couple things at the house, beau coup money today shopping, and we’re not even done.

it’s beautiful here tho.  the mountains are exactly as picturesque as I imagined.  my apt is farther away from my job than I imagined, but this is a commute I will not mind at all I think.  we’ll see.  gonna dry run it here in the next couple days to be sure.  gonna go exploring too.  see what there is to see.  I didn’t drink today.  I didn’t drink yesterday. today instead of it being “oh god I want a drink” it was “oh god I want a massage”.  heh heh.

everyone else is asleep in bed.  I can’t sleep.  too much stuff going on upstairs right now.  getting tired tho and winding down, hopefully I’ll be ready to crash here in awhile.  we’ve even got a little prelit christmas tree all set up for the kids.  santa’s gonna be visiting, and he knows where we are even tho we’re not at home.  santa’s good like that yo.

I wonder what santa drinks after a long hard day?  surely not just milk and cookies.  white russian?  irish coffee?  anyway, that’s where we’re at.  it still doesn’t feel real.  feels like we’re on vacation somewhere.  it’ll come slamming down hard I spose when they drive away.  gonna work even harder to appreciate the last few days I’ve got with them.

then it’ll be just me.  and all that dangerous free time.  please god don’t let me fuck up.  all you catholics out there know the hail mary, and the our father; well I just made up a new one….it’s called the please god don’t let me fuck it up.



~ by sobriety6923 on December 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “First Night”

  1. Been readin your blog for forever, SO believe in you! Totally HEAR you about it being hard when they leave. Again, SO believe in you. Checked out any mtgs in the area?

  2. Hi Kay, thanks for the comment. haven’t checked out any mtgs yet; plan to do that after the family leaves. plan on spending as much time with them while they’re here that I can. Keep reading, sorry for the light posting lately.

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