I am the Rainmaker

For as long as I can remember ( for the most part ) whenever I’ve moved; bad weather has preceeded me or followed me in either the place I left or place I went to.

Now of course, this could all just be coincidence, but I prefer to think I’m special of course.  Moved to Germany in ’92: worst wind storms in forever took place before I got there.  Moved to Texas in 2000: over 100 straight days of +100 degree heat with no rain.  Moved to FL in ’04: one of the most active hurricane seasons on record.  FL got slammed that year.  My fault.

Moved to NC in 2010: huge rain/ice/windstorm makes its way across the US causing landslides in CA, big snow across the midwest; huge snow in NC; a huge ass nor’easter up the eastern seaboard.  I am the rainmaker.

Whenever I relocate geographically, it’s like a drop of water in a calm pond.  The drop goes down into the water, and as the water breaks the ripples go out as well as the water coming back up off the surface.  things get back to normal eventually, but not until after the disruption.

It’s all 19 man.  Or maybe it’s nothing.


~ by sobriety6923 on December 26, 2010.

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