family’ll be gone in a day and a half.  holy shit.  these ten days have flown by.  it’s been a helluva ride too.  just NYE tomorrow, then they’re gone new year’s day.  the thing that I wished for; for so long will finally be here.  We’ll still be together, but I’ll be alone.

For the longest time I saw my family as a burden b/c of my drinking.  They kept me from it and all I wanted was to go somewhere by myself and crawl in a hole with my bottle(s).  I’d just send the fam my checks.

Ironically, I’ve come light years from that now and am going to miss them everyday.  I’m scared shitless actually.  All that dangerous free time.  God guide my choices and keep me on the path, and from tumbling down that mountain.

one more day to enjoy them.  let’s have a great day tomorrow.  I love you dearly.


~ by sobriety6923 on December 30, 2010.

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