Everything New is Painful Again

seems like everything new I do here by myself, without the fam is painful.  yesterday it was driving home to the empty apt.  that hurt.  today, it was going shopping after work by myself without the fam.

luckily tho, driving home wasn’t as bad as yesterday, so maybe next time I go shopping that won’t be so bad either.

had a good night tonight.  got home and went for a nice jog/walk, then got some stuff done in the apt, and then just chillaxed.  got to vidtalk with the kids and wife too on skype.

just stick to the plan man.


~ by sobriety6923 on January 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “Everything New is Painful Again”

  1. Hey ~ I found your blog at LCF. Thanks for the link. Reading what you’re going through reminds me of a lot I should never forget. I wish you well in your quest. I’ve been sober 28 years and I drank for two years going to meetings. It can get better. I hope so for you. Take care ~ TulsaBelle

  2. thanks lynette. 28yrs? WoW. that’s a lot of “just don’t drink TODAY”

  3. haha! yes, a long time between drinks. one day at a time, but i have to say though the first couple of years were far from fun, this life know is pretty kickass. now the !#@@#$%# food thing. still. always. that’s what i’m fighting at the moment. a lot of drunks have cigarettes after sobriety, a lot of us have food. grateful to be sober. you can do this today. we both can. take care.

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