Watching it Snow

the best laid plans and all that…..

bwahahahaha!  nah, thank god I’m not into that shit, but still….

snowed in again here in the mtns.  it’s pretty, but damn I need a 4×4.  and as soon as I get one I’d prolly never need it again.  but whuddevuh.  I’ve got plenty of stuff to fill the time today without drinking. had a few drinks last night, just beer, but it was nice.  It was even nicer to not want hard liquor.  But, as the AA charter says, change your drinks, change your amounts, the problem is still there.  yup.

I had plans today to go get a massage, then go hiking with a local meetup group, then go to work to make up some hours for next week b/c I’m taking off and don’t have the vacation yet.   we get flextime tho, so we’ve got that goin for us, which is nice.  Then tomorrow I was going to do chores around the apt.  well now, just flip the days.  I’ve swept the floor, it’s all laminate fake wood, I’ve started a load of laundry, and I’ve got dishes sitting in hot water waiting to be washed.  just chillin for a moment right now, then back at it.  later I might venture out depending on the roads.  but prolly not.  may go for a walk or ride my bike.  finally fixed my handle bar problem.  don’t remember whether I mentioned it so I’ll say again.  on my mtn bike on the handle bar I put on extra handles that go up at an angle from the handle bar to kind of make an L on each end.  Back in November I had wrecked and one of them snapped off.  well I haven’t ridden much or I’ve just lived with it b/c I’ve been so busy being laid off that I just now got around to fixing.  Had to borrow a dremmel from my landlord and after breaking about 5 regular cutting disks, then getting beefy cutting disks and breaking the screw to the dremmel, I finally just whipped out the landlord’s hacksaw and booyah.  would’ve been hella easier to just do that in the first place.  oh well.  so now I’m itching to go riding.  bad weather be damned.


soooo, I’ll finish up my chores and either watch a dvd or go for a ride, or whatever.

good news: no craving to get drunk and I’m still good with step 1.  I am powerless.

bad news(depends on your point of view): still don’t mind having a few beers.  (but ya dipshit, it’s still that everynight thing, and you know if you let it hang around long enough you’ll be sliding down that slippery slope soon enough).  making step 2 isn’t even on the horizon.

buuuutttt: step 1 wasn’t even on the horizon either.  it just kinda showed up one day out of nowhere and it was like, “ok, ya I can dig that”. (rationalization much?)

the journey continues.



~ by sobriety6923 on January 8, 2011.

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