coming up on a year

holy crappage.  Feb 3 2010 was my first post.  bout this time last year I’m prolly in the hospital or about to be.  shortness of breath, chest pains, tingling in the left and right hands, left arm pain, right arm pain.  yah, I remember that shit.  can’t say I’ve completely learned my lesson, but I’ve learned a little.

all the heart stuff turned out fine when they checked me out.  looking back on it now, it was prolly some kind of withdrawal symptoms I was going through.  I was drinking so much that when I wasn’t drinking it was having that effect on me.

man, that means it’s been a year since the cat died.  My left arm pains really started in November of ’09 and were off and on depending on how much I was drinking, but it all came to a head when the cat died  in Jan ’10 and I decided to go on a bender.  a lot of it was guilt b/c she was an inside cat and got out, and she was old, and it was cold, and I didn’t put too much effort into finding her.  well, she spent the night outside and got sick and/or got into a tiff with something and by the time we brought her back in I refused to take her to the vet, so we just put her on a towel in the bathroom and hoped she’d get better.  well, as I mentioned before she did not.  my fault.


~ by sobriety6923 on January 20, 2011.

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