God Spake

God is speaking to you right now.  Do you hear it?  Well of course not dumbass, you’re reading it.

People say God doesn’t talk to people anymore.  I used to believe that.  Now of course, he never really did directly right?  Even Moses just got the burning bush b/c sposedly a human is too fragile to see or hear god directly and would be destroyed.  pretty sure it says that somewhere in the bible.  at least that’s what the movies I watch say.

Truth is, I think god speaks to you most days but most days you’re just too blind deaf and dumb to realize it.  When I listen, I think God speaks to me through my wife, kids, friends, colleagues, random acts of kindness I see strangers do for each other, y’know shit like that.

I’m quite sure god has been talking to me through my friends lately commenting on my posts here, and others that are strangers.  The point is, God is showing you most everyday what he’d like you to do.

It’s up to you to listen, and to do it.  just sayin.

Open your eyes.




~ by sobriety6923 on January 23, 2011.

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