y’know, I just realized something. THE CANDLE HAS BEEN LIT.

This is in effect my rehab.  I’m up here in the mtns by myself in rehab.  When I started seeing the rapist awhile back (see the rapist plays me like a fiddle), first thing she said to me was “you need to go to rehab”.  to which I promptly said, well…I didn’t say it but I thought it “fuck that”.  So through it all here I am.

The solitude, the hiking, the biking, the mountains…it’s rehab.  I just don’t have to be in an institution with a bunch of other addicts and talk about my feelings.  I feel like I’m getting my head on straight just by trying to stay sober while meeting new people and exploring the outdoors.

of course I’m an expert so this is the truth and it’s completely correct.  heh heh.


~ by sobriety6923 on January 23, 2011.

One Response to “Rehab”

  1. By George he’s got it!! Use this freakin’ time as rehab! Work on you
    from every aspect! Then call your famy and ask them to join you.
    As you and someone else said, an addict doesn’t know how hard it is or what it’s like. To that I say bullshit! That’s an excuse! Everyone has an addiction to something–alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, shopping, etc. All addictions no matter what it might be requires work to beat it! Put in the work! At least get in the mindset to put in the work and stop complaining about how hard it is. Nothing in life is easy!

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