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well, it happened.  the waiting is over.  they countered my counter, I’m going to accept tomorrow first thing when I get to work at my current job.  kind of sacreligous to use the fax and phone and email of my current job to accept my next job but hey, what’re you gonna do right?

just gotta go through the motions now to shut down everything in my current digs.  job, apt, church, folks I’ve been hiking with, etc…

plan tomorrow is to officially accept the job with the fax, then get ahold of them and find out about a time frame for background check and ApCeUeP (get it?  pee in a cup?  I’m so clever), etc…then once I’m comfy with that, the notifications will start with all the folks at my current job.  not looking forward to it, but I hope they understand.

nothing personal against you folks, it’s just business.  my family comes first.  maybe that’s why god sent me up here, to realize that.  family does come first.  before drinking even.  HOLY SHIT WHAT A FUCKING REVELATION.  I hope I’ve learned my lesson.  If I’m a couple months down the road and cursing my surroundings after being back with them, then I guess that’ll be a big fat FAIL on my part.

I had a saying when the kids were babies, to remind myself in the years to come that if I ever started feeling like I wanted another baby, I should say it to myself.  Rusty Spoon.  As in, Robin Hood, Alan Rickman, “I’m gonna cut your heart out with a spoon!”.  well, I did one better…As in I’d rather cut off my own balls with a rusty spoon than have another one”.  As in, if I ever get down the road and get to wanting another one and forget how much fun it was prior, then Rusty Spoon. ya, I know, harsh.

why a spoon cousin?  because it’s dull you twit, it’ll hurt more!

I need to come up with something similar now to remind myself how much it fucking sucks(ed) being here without them.  I don’t have something right now, but I’ll think of it and post back.




ok, it’s the next day and I think I have it: Family Comes First.  the next time I feel like going on a bender or having one too many, or whatever else may be coursing through my ravaged alkie mind, that’s what will stick with me.  FCF – family comes first.  they come before you getting drunk and ruining your life and going back to where you were you stupid ass.  FCF.  plus, it kind of sounds like a swear word if you read it pheonitically.  fuck’f.  FCF.  heh heh.

~ by sobriety6923 on February 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “follow up to twistyfuck”

  1. I am very happy for you and the new job. Hope it works out with your family! FCF.

  2. thank you! how’d your situation pan out?

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