Dereliction of Doodie

ya, so in the military when they court martial you I think one of the charges they bring against you is dereliction of duty, which basically means failure to do your job your swore an oath to do.

well, I’m guilty.I haven’t been posting much lately. but that’s a good thing, b/c there hasn’t been much to bitch about. Life is pretty good lately. back with my family, new job (all 2 days of it) going good, and haven’t gone off the deep end. being back with my family is AWESOME btw, even with all the challenges it entails.

I was posting a lot in the beginning and as I was going along b/c I was working through my issues. they were ever present. they’re still there I spose, but now instead of walking in lockstep with me right beside me, it’s like I can see them off in the horizon, but they’re a waaaays off. like a ship on the horizon or something.

don’t worry, I’m not fooling myself. I am well aware of how quickly they would make up the ground if I let them. but, I’ve had the power all along. now I’ll just click my ruby slippers and be back in kansas in a jiff.

so, that’s what’s up. I’m doing good. I imagine I’ll post here and there, but for right now, I’m in a good spot.but ya, since being back home, I’ve changed more doodie diapers….

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~ by sobriety6923 on March 26, 2011.

One Response to “Dereliction of Doodie”

  1. That’s music to my ears, Mr. Doodie! I’m happy for you and your family!! You weathered that storm of life in excellent fashion!!

    I will take this opportunity to apologize to you and your readers for all of the pent-up anger I have vented on your blog. I’m very sorry. I have a counseling appointment next Tuesday, and I plan to discuss my bitterness with The Rapist. Hopefully that will be a more appropriate venue to unleash my feelings.

    Rock on!!

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