The Curse of the Wealthy Middle Class

this is something my doctor said to me once when I was still on the front side of even thinking about seriously trying to do anything about my drinking.    I wasn’t seeing any rapists yet and I wasn’t going to meetings or taking anti anxiety drugs or any of that.  I was finally admitting to myself tho I had a problem and was at least asking my family doctor what I could do.

We were talking about it and that’s what she called it.  The curse of the wealthy middle class.  Not really rich, but enough money to support a habit that was/is detrimental to your health. I begin to understand all the movie and rock stars with drug habits.  All that money, all that dangerous free time, AND all those people surrounding you that may not have your best interests at heart.

I am fortunate enough to have a job/career that has been very good to me.  I’ve more than doubled my initial starting salary out of college till now.  and since I’m an ocd engineer I’ll tell you exactly how much: 2.408 times, or 240.8% of my initial salary.  With my most recent job, I’ve made it into 6 figures.  Holy Shit.  let me say that again….Holy SHIT.  I knew I’d make it into 6 figures someday with my career, but I didn’t really have a time table for it. Well now here we are.

From being laid off last November, to Asheville, to now, I’ve increased my salary by about 12%.  Yay for being laid off and beating inflation! I’ve got about the same salary now as when I was in Asheville, but my living costs now are hella less. no extra rent and all that.

So here I am, with all this disposable income, all this more disposable income then when I started my drinking careeer. thank you god for my blessings and my challenges.

I spose there’s all kinds of other parallels to draw with the middle class curse, obesity, addiction, etc, etc…but for me at least I’ve got a family that keeps me grounded.  I can’t imagine having all this disposable income, AND all that dangerous free time if I didn’t have a family to keep me grounded.

A quick google search didn’t really turn up any “establlished” definition of this post’s title, but hopefully you get the gist of my meaning.  no real point to this post about trying to solve any definition for it, or resolve anything, just a random thought.



~ by sobriety6923 on April 9, 2011.

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