just had a really shitty day today.  one bad thing led to another, and another, and another.  nothing big, just a bunch of small things that cumulatively added up.  stupid shit too.

oh dear, right speaker in my headphones at work died so I was left listening to my irritating coworker’s laugh all fucking day. but I just bought these damn things a month or so ago.

gosh darn, I had a wardrobe malfunction and my zipper broke on my pants.  had to leave work early and now have to make up the time.   mind you i just bought these fucking things last weekend.

then just a bunch of other small stuff, you know, like the stuff you usually let slide, but when you get irritated enough everything bugs you?

so then the cravings, and the irrationality, and the apathy, and all the other bullshit I let hang around because I keep drinking.  well fuck it.  I think I still did half good.  you don’t stop a run away train, but maybe you can put the brakes on sometimes. didn’t go to the store, just had a few beers with dinner, and after I’m glad I didn’t get drunk.

but it was just like quicksand there for awhile, every little thing was going wrong, and then anything I tried to do to fix it just made it worse.

~ by sobriety6923 on April 20, 2011.

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