Pain Part Deaux

Went for a ride yesterday.  Went and did a set of trails I call Turkey Creek, and then went and rode some levees over in the 3 Forks Marsh area.

I got tore up.  Apparently I’m still learning how to ride my bike with the clips.  fell over several times into bushes, slipped and fell while trying to walk part of a trail.  multiple cuts and bruises, can’t move today without being reminded of them.

I love(d) it.

I am willing to accept a certain amount of pain if that means it brings pleasure with it.  Maybe that’s part of why I continue to drink.  I love the pain (to an extent).

It’s not a good ride unless there’s blood on trail.  It’s not a good bender if there’s not chest pains and SOB?

I dunno.  I sure don’t like the CP and SOB, whereas I tolerate (enjoy?) the cuts and bruises from the ride.

So, at this point I KNOW if I drink too much, I’ll have the CP and SOB, even tho I don’t know exactly why.  It just is.  soooo, just don’t drink.  that’s easy right?

I’ll go ahead and assume I’m on the M side of S&M



~ by sobriety6923 on May 29, 2011.

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