On What People Say about you

You ever wonder what people think about you?  Or more to the point of this post, what they say about you?  It’s not something I obsess over, but sometimes I’m reminded kind of in a “wow, I wonder what people say about me in regards to this instance” way of it.

I used to read a lot in middle school and high school.  Fantasy and Horror were my favs.  I don’t read much outside of work anymore, but that’s mainly b/c all I do all day is read.  I’m a Requirements Engineer, which means all I do all day is read requirements documents detailing what a system “shall” do.   I was never really into classics like LOTR or anything, but I read my share of wizards, elves, dwarves, and the like.  I always remember there was this one book I read where one of the main characters said something nice about some good witch queen somewhere, and the queen found out about it or something b/c the queen had cast a spell where anytime anyone said anything about her, she would know.  At first glance, it’s like, ya that’d be neat, but then again, maybe not.

Now, for the most part, I don’t concern myself with what people say about me.  If they don’t say it to my face, then I could really care less.  But still, there’s always the instance where I hear someone else talking about another person, in either a good or a bad light, and the thought flickers across, “ya, but I wonder what they think of YOU”.

For instance, my wife and I have a niece on my wife’s side that is about to have a baby, and the niece and her husband went out to buy the niece a car to carry the baby around in.  they ended up getting a lime green mustang gt.  ya, I know, first thought is what a friggin idiot.  the hubby bought it against the niece’s wishes and whatnot, all the time saying “I’m buying this for you”.  dude, we all know that’s a lie.  but you’ll figure it out (maybe) after a few weeks of getting the car seat in and out of that thing.  good luck with that.  the point is, I and my wife think this guy is an idiot, as well as a bunch of other folks.  we are definitely not in the same socio-economic class as these folks, but we’re family so there’s that.  we’ve got the same skin color too, but aside from those two things not much else.

but I always subscribe to an old Conan comic book verse I’ve always loved and have quoted here before: “what makes sense to a Cimmerian barbarian seems like insane savagery to a Turanian prince”.  basically what makes sense to me seems idiotic to you.  (see: drinking 10+ ounces of likter every night).  so I’m sure somewhere in this guy’s head it made sense to buy a sports car as a family car despite his very pregnant wife screaming and crying in the sales lot, and even with the salesman trying to talk him out of it to boot.

but as much of an idiot I think this guy is, I’m sure there’s folks out there that think I’m an idiot.  And maybe he does too.  I just always get that thought in my head whenever I hear folks going on and on about somebody, “well, I wonder what they think about you”

just sayin

and thank you stephen king for the “on writing” memoir for the inspiration for the title of this post.


~ by sobriety6923 on May 30, 2011.

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