Explanation of Testes

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so I figured (it looks like neway) a slick way to post via email (which wordpress has a standard feature to do but I’ve taken it a step further). A lot of times I’m at work when I think of an idea for a post or I’m coming in with thoughts about a post and would like to post while at work but for obvious reasons don’t want to have the website up on my screen with cow-orkers looking over my shoulder.

I do however, keep a hotmail account open all day on my desktop unrelated to siwots. So what I’m doing, is sending an email from the unrelated hotmail to the siwots hotmail I keep, then at the siwots hotmail I have a rule to fwd messages from my unrelated hotmail to the siwots wordpress, and voila, a stealth post while at work that looks while I’m composing it that I’m simply writing an email to god knows who.

I can even add categories and tags via the email. bad thing tho is I have to think of them or remember what I have. When you do it directly from the wordpress site there’s a list to pick from that you’ve used in the past. So, I’ll just think of what I can, then update later when I get around to if I need to.

btw, congratulations are in order to my niece and her idiot husband mentioned in a previous post (see: lime green mustang and insane savagery). she gave birth yesterday to a happy healthy baby boy. It also happened to be my FIL’s birthday. So, on his birthday, while watching my kids, he becomes a great grandpappa. can’t think of much else that would make him happier. good times. they even sent us some pics of our kids holding the baby.

far beyond precious


~ by sobriety6923 on June 6, 2011.

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