Echo (echo…echo….echo….echo….echo….)

so I saw the doc this morning with the Echocardiogram results. All’s clear. Good Heart efficiency, good heart size. BP is still high and I didn’t take my bp the last 2 wks outside the office like I was sposed to so I’m sposed to start taking at home and get the numbers to him in a couple weeks. kind of like a false positive where your BP is always higher at the doc’s office than it is at home.

had a heart cath procedure back in early ’10(?) and it showed a lower than average heart efficiency of 45-50-%, and a slightly enlarged heart. Echo just recently showed 50% (average, good) heart efficiency, and no problems with enlargement (weakened). doc did say tho we need to watch the BP b/c anything over 150/100 can lead to a weakened heart.

so, yoos guys get to be subjected to me a while longer yet. And I asked him “hey WHY do I get the chest pains and SOB” and he said it could be related to the BP. I just can’t get a straight answer out of this guy. oh well. just don’t drink. just get more exercise. just eat better. then everything will just be fine.

but since a couple weeks ago the chest pains have largely abated, and the SOB has gotten better. just gotta keep working at it.

sounds easy right?


~ by sobriety6923 on June 8, 2011.

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