Recent things ahm finding oot aboot meh

part of my new job is designing a new step by step process on how to use an existing software tool in a new way.  Sorry, but unless you have any experience with Telelogic DOORS or DOD Projects Requirements Management that’s about all I’ll go into to avoid risking your eyes glossing over.

As part of this, it’s also my job to come up with a training document and actually “train” the engineers on how to do it.

I enjoy training people.  How effed up is that right?  I don’t really like the classroom training sessions where you’re talking to 20 people and running through slides or anything, but I really enjoy one on one training with people.

I spose it also plays into my whole “shoot me if I’m useless” vein, b/c it means I have something people need, and I can give it to them and transfer that knowledge successfully, and they’re thankful.  It’s almost like a bonding thing when the light goes on in their head.  it’s pretty cool.

I also recently sat down with a friend of mine from church needing some help with a college algebra class.  Now, I haven’t taken algebra or used math extensively since college 12 yrs ago, but it was really cool how it’s all still there.  I don’t remember the exact names of all the rules or anything, but I was able to sit down with her and walk her through a bunch of things.  I could even make some money on the side as an algebra tutor if I had the time I spose.  But I enjoyed it.

now, don’t ask me anything about calculus (calc I, II, III), differential equations, or linear algebra (ya there’s a difference) anymore b/c I really don’t remember much from that to be useful, but algebra?  ya sure.

I guess that’s something I didn’t realize about myself.  As bad as a tutor I am for my own family, I really like helping others outside my family.  But it’s inifinitely harder for me to walk my wife through something on the computer, or help my daughter with her homework.  I don’t know why, it is what it is.  Something else to work on and add to the list I spose.

I guess that also kind of segue’s into a part of the reason for this blog.  If I can help anyone stopping by here by sharing my experiences, then that suits me just fine.

consider yourself trained.


~ by sobriety6923 on June 11, 2011.

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  1. Awesome post! The gift of service! Groovy!

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